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Want to learn how to get Registered on Lic Online portal ? Then you are at the right place have a look at our article below which will help you in LIC online registration.

LIC holds the claim of being the largest and the sole government owned Life Insurance Company in India which offers a wide range of insurance products and services designed to cater to the varied Insurance requirements of Indians.

It is one of the most widely preferred Insurance companies with a large clientele base and is the first choice of millions when it comes to Life Insurance. The aim of the company is to target the under-privileged and marginalised sections, especially in the rural sector so as to provide blanket financial coverage to the largest population base against untimely death or accidents, at a nominal cost.

Though the Company boasts of an impressive network of 2048 branches with its Head Office in Mumbai and 113 divisional offices, yet in a country teeming with billions, long queues and delays and bottlenecks are an integral part of the system.

To counter this inconvenience, the Company has introduced its online portal to facilitate its existing customer base with seamless networking and 24 x 7 automated service.

Purpose of LIC’s Online Service

LIC’s online portal is a brilliant initiative introduced by the Life Insurance Corporation of India which now facilitates interactive service module in the comfort of your own personal space, 24 X 7.

No more , the rush to get across to the nearest Branch office to meet the deadline for payment of premiums or for queries or services , no more the need to waste long hours standing in queues.

With the inter-active and extremely responsive online portal, being just a few clicks away, all these and much more can be done anytime, anywhere, saving a lot of time, money and hassle in the process.

Not only that, the online portal allows you to avail additional benefits and updates about the company on a regular basis.

Register yourself on LIC Online Portal

Registration of the online portal is mandatory if one wishes to avail its service.

Customers can make use of LIC’s online portal for the following facilities:

  1. Registration for e-services
  2. Policy Schedule Calendar
  3. Make Online Payments
  4. Declaration of Nominee Status
  5. Check the Policy Status
  6. Know the Bonus Status
  7. Also Check the Claim Status
  8. Know the status of  Loans
  9. Revival quotation information
  10. Premium Due Calendar
  11. Premium Paid Certificate
  12. Claim History
  13. Policy Bond / Proposal Form Image
  14. Grievance Redressal Forum
  15. Process of services and online forms
  16. Information about Policy Conditions and other features
  17. FAQs

Eligibility Criteria for accessing LIC Online Portal

All existing Individual Policy holders of LIC are eligible to register themselves for the Online Portal access, at no extra cost.

Conditions Apply:

    • Individual Policy Holders may register themselves and shall be accorded a unique Use Id and Password to access their account.
    • Spouses have to register themselves separately and cannot do so jointly under this provision.
    • Guardians of Minor Policy Holders may register themselves on behalf of their children. However, at the acquisition of 18 years of age, the child shall need to have his own User Id generated, to continue availing the service.


How to Register a New User?

1.  Log into LIC’s official website ( and click on the ‘Customer Portal ‘ tab which

lists ‘Online Services’ as one of its options

LIC Online - LIC customer Login

2. On the e-services page, one must select the ‘New User’ tab.

LIC Online - LIC customer Login

3. On selection of the ‘New User’ a page shall open asking for further Policy details, e.g. Policy Number, Premium amount, D.O.B etc. in order to authenticate the Registration process. Once done, click on the ‘Proceed’ tab.


4. The next step is creation of the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ to complete the formality.

5. Once done, one can log in using the created ‘User Name’ and ‘Password ‘ which henceforth shall act as your identity verification on this online portal.


6. Once the User is registered, he may register the Policy and get further details from ‘Enrol Policies’ on the left hand side of the screen. This shall provide him the option of ‘View Enrol Policy’ to check the status of his registered policies, post verification by inserting the captcha to ensure he is a valid user.

How can a Registered User make LIC Premium Payment online?

1) Log onto www. and select ‘Customer Portal’ under the category of ‘Online Services’

LIC Online - LIC customer Login

2. This shall take the individual user to the LIC e-service page where one has to click the Registered User tab.

LIC Online - LIC customer Login

3. Select the option ‘Customer’ and fill in other required details such User Id, E-mail, Mobile Number, Password and Date of Birth to access it.

4. Click on the Self Policies to check the details. If the Premium is due, one may opt for ‘Pay Premium’ option else check the next Premium Due Date.

LIC Online - LIC customer Login

5. Select the ‘Pay Premium’ option to process and fill in the required information.

6. Accordingly, in the final step, one may choose to pay via Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking/ BHIM/ UPI.

How can a non-Registered User make payment?

1.) Log into and select ‘Pay Premium’ option.

2. This takes you to the next step wherein you are asked to choose between ‘Pay Direct’ and ‘Through Customer Portal’. Opt for ‘Pay Direct’

LIC Online - LIC customer Login

3. Create a ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ for this purpose and complete the Registration formalities.

4. Log in using that User Id and Password and submit.

5. Register the policy and check ‘Enrol Policies’ for the updated status after verifying your entity through insertion of the CAPTCHA Make  payment accordingly.

To simplify the process of online access, LIC also makes provision for loss of Password or User Id – The procedure for User Id or Password retrieval is kept simple and hassle-free to facilitate maximum number of people to avail this facility of Online service.

In case of forgotten ‘User Id ‘/ ‘Password’:

1.Log onto www.licindia.cin. Select ‘Customer Portal’ under ‘Online Services’

2. Select the option ‘ Registered User’

3. In the next step select the ‘Forgot User Id / password option?’

4. Select ‘Forgot User Id / Password’ and insert  ‘Password / User Id ’ respectively along with the ‘Date of Birth’

5. Insert the Captcha and press ‘Submit’. Voila, you are done.

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