Jobs For Master’s Degree Holder In The United States Of America

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected a lot of students. The high costs of a Master’s degree – and debt load for many things– makes you wonder: Is it worth it to have a master’s degree?

The slow rise in graduation programs is about 3.6% in fall 2021 from a year earlier and continued to rise 4.5% during the spring 2021 semester.

And, while many students from different parts of the world may think that a master’s degree in the United States of America will help them in increasing their chances of getting a job, that isn’t always the case. Let me tell you that about 9% of residents of  America have master’s degrees but it increased their employability by less than 3%. It has been reported that the average salary for a bachelor’s graduate in the United States of America is $64,000 a year, while the average salary for those individuals with a master’s degree is $79,000 a year, only about a 19% increase in pay scale.

Those students who are pursuing master’s degrees in the United States of America, 44% of them have taken out student loans, as indicated by Credible, an individual budget commercial center zeroed in on educational loans. The expense of graduate projects changes yet the normal obligation for a graduate degree holder is about $71,000, almost twofold the $37,000 normal obligation of those with four year college educations.

Twenty to thirty year olds “were brought up in reality as we know it where you use advances to pay for school,” said Bradley Custer, senior strategy investigator for Higher Education and the Center for American Progress.

However at that point reality sets in – you have a major understudy loan charge that starts coming due ordinarily around a half year after you graduate – if you have some work.

Almost 66% of individuals with a postgraduate education said they thought twice about it, as indicated by PayScale. Furthermore, the greatest lament was understudy loans.

” you have also seen many times that a master’s degree will lead to high paying salaries” … I imagine that is the truth we live in that in certain fields it’s harder to anticipate,” Custer said. “A few people in the United States of America have high obligation levels, they’re not making money without question, and those advance sums begin to develop on the grounds that that interest is promoted.”

Likewise, they held a greater amount of different sorts of obligation, including a normal 21% more Mastercard obligation than the public normal, as per schooling They likewise convey it with them for quite a while: The normal understudy borrower requires around 20 years to take care of their understudy loan obligation however for proficient alumni it can take more than 45 years for a few.

Jobs for master’s degree holder in the United States of America

Most of the universities of the United States of America do not provide direct campus placement services. These Universities have a Career Service department which is responsible for inviting companies for recruiting students as interns or project assistants. Top universities in the United States of America try to aim for 100% placement but not all students are lucky enough to secure a job position of their choice through university’s placement services.

Another option for students is to apply through the Career page of the organization they are interested in. However, this is a tedious task as they need to be aware of when job openings are published and have to visit each and every organization’s page one-by-one.

To find the solution to this problem, various websites are available on the internet that list job postings by various organizations on their page. Some of the popular websites in the United States of America are Indeed, LinkedIn, Job2Careers,, CareerBuilder, Google for Jobs, SimplyHired, LinkUP, etc.

Job opportunities for MS degree holder in the USA are discussed as follows:

The master’s degree can be pursued in any field. In this article we’ve listed some of the jobs for master’s degree holders in the United States of America. They are as follows:

  1. Jobs for MS degree in Computer Science in USA

Average Annual Salary: 80,000 USD

Job Growth (2021 -28): 12%

Popular Roles for job: Computer and Information Research Scientists, Network Architects, Programmers, Support Specialists, Data Analysts

The degree of master’s in Computer Science in the United States of America is considered as one of the most popular choices among international students. This is because of the great demand for cloud computing, storage of big data and information technology in today’s world. The degree of master’s in Computer Science in the United States of America is the highest paying master’s degree with an average annual salary package of 80,000 USD per year.

  • Jobs for MS degree in Finance in the United States of America

Average Annual Salary: 75,000 USD

Projected Job Growth (2021-28): 7%

Popular Role for jobs: Accountants, Auditors, Budget Analysts, Cost Estimators, Financial Analysts, Financial Examiners, etc.

The degree of Master’s in Finance in the United States of America is considered as a substitute for finance specialization of MBA (master’s of business and arts) by few people. Nonetheless, both are strikingly unique with the previous one zeroing in on specialized perspectives while the last gives more accentuation to administrative jobs. Money area is the most un-influenced industry after the spread of pandemic COVID-19. Along these lines, alumni of MS in Finance in the USA have a lot of open positions in any event, during this emergency circumstance.

  • Jobs for MS degree in Management in the United States of America

Average Annual Salary: 78,000 USD

Projected Job Growth (2021-28): 7%

Popular Roles for jobs: Project Manager, Human Resource Manager, Financial Analyst, Business Development Manager, etc.

The degree of master’s in Management is gaining too much popularity among international students as a substitute for MBA in the United States of America ( master’s of business and arts) in recent years. A portion of the significant purposes for this are lower educational expenses, less cutthroat confirmation interaction and freedoms to land comparative position jobs as MBA. MS in Management in the USA is accessible with different specializations, for example, business investigation, inventory network the executives, business, and so forth

  • Occupations after MS in Data Science in USA 

Normal Annual Salary: 77,790 USD

Projected Job Growth (2021-2028): 18% Famous Job Roles: Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Statistical Analyst, Financial Analyst, Data Administrator

Information Science is a piece of software engineering and data innovation. Nonetheless, because of the expanding significance of enormous information on the lookout, MS in Data Science is presently presented as a different degree. According to glassdoor, Data Scientist is the third most wanted occupation in the USA in 2020. MS in Data Science in the USA is likewise accessible as a specialization of insights.


The demand for civil engineers has become low due to the worst situations made by the deadliest virus of covid-19. But the online world is growing and will keep on growing. Therefore, the jobs for the master’s degree holders in the United States of Americain online related fields will be worth doing. for example, master’s in computer science, master’s in digital marketing and many more.

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