How to open a bank account online?

In the world of digitization, even the smallest task is being digitalize for our convenience. Since all the banking activities can be done online, opening a bank account has also become an online affair now. You do not need to visit a bank anymore to open a bank account. Instead you may open your account from your home just by accessing internet connection. 

how to open a bank account in india

How to open a bank account online?

You will have to follow the following steps to open a bank account.

  • Choose the bank:

There are several bank options available to us. You can choose a Nationalised or private bank according to your choice.

  • Open their official website

After choosing a bank where you want to open your bank account, you need to visit their official website. Every commercial bank has created their online platform to be availed by its customer. You can get the link of the official website by just typing out the name of the bank in any online search engine. The first post that pops up is your destination.

  • Go to the open an account option

Since all the banking activities are being conducted online, you may have to surf the website to find this option. When you get this option in the official website of the bank, you need to click it and proceed to the next step.

  • Choose the type of account

A bank provides an option of different types of account such as savings account and current account. Savings accounts have different categories like zero balance account, pensioners account, salary bearers account etc. These options may vary with banks. Current accounts are generally used by business owners.

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  • Provide personal details

In case of savings account, you just need to provide Aadhar card number and PAN card number and you are on, few banks might need residential and permanent address. In case of Current Account, the registered name of the company, type of company (sole proprietor or partnership), name of the owner(s), and address of the company.

  • Agree to the Declaration

After filling up all the details along with the scanned copy of all the official documents, a page appears that contains a declaration that you are responsible for all the details provided in the online form and any false information may invoke legal action. You need to upload a scanned copy of your signature and click on the “I agree” button.

Voila! You have opened a bank account for yourself. A final notification will appear on your screen stating that you have opened a bank account. Some banks require physical verification while some may not. It depends on the bank you chose whether you need physical verification or not for the activation of account.

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